Green Fields Oils

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With major clients in the US, Middle East and Eastern Europe, we are a manufacturer, supplier, exporter and importer of natural oil and plant based products. We begin with fresh seeds and ingredients, carefully cold press them, and then bottle our products to ensure they maintain their natural properties. We strongly comply with HACCP Principles and are HALAL and ISO certified.
Ürünler ve Hizmetler: Cold pressed and essential oils, black seed and sesame seed paste, organic fertilizer, gluten free flour, flaxseed meal, dead sea salt, natural soap and dead sea mud. We use these natural ingredients to produce hair and skincare, supplements, and food products. Green Fields Oil Factory has a standardized warehouse which is formed to cater to bulk storage needs.
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Other Manufacturing
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Amina Ramadneh
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962 777735070, 962 777425666
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Green Fields Oils Co.
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August 12, 2008
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