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Building Markets has brought visibility to 26,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), assisted them in winning $1.3bn in new contracts, $21m in capital, and helped create over 70,000 jobs.



Are you a small business owner operating in Turkey or Jordan? Building Markets provides resources and expertise that will connect you to new opportunities and capital.


Building Markets provides reliable supplier data and services that can fast-track your access to local businesses and markets.

  • Locate Verified Suppliers

    Locate Verified Suppliers

    Search our up-to-date business directory by sector, location, good/service, size, and ownership.

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    Publish Tenders

    Want to diversify and grow your supplier pool? We can share your tenders with our vast network of SMEs.

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    Connect with Supply Chain Specialists

    Send us your on-demand and upcoming procurement requirements. We can also provide you with customized plans to improve supplier performance.


With trusted relationships, local expertise, and one of the largest and highest quality databases on SMEs, including refugee-owned, we can identify companies based on your financial and impact criteria.