Agro Chemicals Industries LTD.

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Ghaith Al-Hamad, Manager
Agro Chemicals Industries Ltd. (ACI) aims to become an industry leader by leveraging scientific improvements in manufacturing, packaging, transport, and storage processes. ACI seeks to minimize the environmental impact of pollution and agro-chemical use. The products are officially registered in Jordan and meet standards set by the Food and Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization.
Ürünler ve Hizmetler: ACI makes: Pesticide, fungicide, herbicide, insecticide, miticide, rodenticide. They also make veterinary ecoparasiticide, public health insecticide, and household pest control products. ACI's pesticides have fewer side effects compared to other products and contribute to increased food production efficiency.
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Manufacturing of Chemicals
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Ghaith Al-Hamad
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962 779845
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Agro Chemicals Industries LTD.
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March 24, 2008
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does not know
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Wasfi Al Tal Street, Building 131, Fourth floor
Amman, Amman
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962 65548224
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Sat-Wed, 8:30am-4:30pm and Thu, 8:30am-2:30pm
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